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2017 Ican International Innovation Award in Toronto, Canada

công nghệ met

Wastewater treatment system is always a topic of great concern and attention. Awards related to wastewater treatment systems are always welcomed and welcomed, in some countries where there is a tendency for contaminated water sources, the problem of wastewater treatment is always an important issue. . Through these awards we can see the value of a wastewater treatment system.

Honor award for international innovation

Wastewater treatment award is one of the most honor things of an organization, an individual or any technology, is a worthy reward for the efforts and contributions that individuals or organizations have contributed to society and community. Nowaday, the customers choose for themselves systems and products that meet international standards, not just individual standards anymore.

MET waste water treatment technology is honored

By the way, we would like to inform the readers, the press, and the beloved customers of the MET technology wastewater treatment system. We have just received information from the organizers of the 2017 Toronto CANADA global ican technology solutions competition, about the MET technology product of our water treatment technology Co., Ltd., which won the gold medal at the competition. That is the pride and extremely touching of all members of the company. Extremely honored to be the first representative of Vietnam and also the only one to receive this prestigious award.


The 2017 Toronto CANADA Global Tech Solutions Competition is an annual competition that aims to provide all with enhanced creativity and provide a new foundation for all the people of the world to gain access to practical inventions to improve life. The contest is the convergence of breakthrough ideas for everyone from professors, scientists, or even students to participate. And this is also an opportunity for everyone to present their ideas in order to better develop and improve the missing aspects of their technology systems. The 2017 Toronto CANADA Ican Global Technology Awards is hosted by Tonronto’s Advanced Skills and Innovation Association (TISIAS), and supported by the Innovation Initiative’s International Cooperation Organization – Association of Houses inventions, International Association of Developers and Manufacturing (IFIA) and World Federation of Creative Intellectuals (WIIPA).

The 2017 Ican Awards is said to be an international competition, an exhibition of leading inventions that takes place in Canada. It is one of the awards for global inventions in the world and also a place to celebrate all the achievements achieved by talented inventors of the world.

Proud of the gold award MET wastewater treatment system

Ican 2017 is held in Toronto, Canada with the participation of all inventions of many countries in many different industries and fields. For example, the industries related to education systems, smart electronics, automatic robot systems, environmental protection inventions, or convenient inventions make life more modern.

And very proud and honored to have Vietnam we have an award at this Ican 2017 in Toronto, Canada. That is the mechanical wastewater treatment system using MET technology of Nuoc Ta Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. MET products have passed many contenders for the gold title. There were also a lot of water treatment technologies in the participating countries, but surpassing all MET Technologies had earned themselves the gold award.

So what is the reason for the wastewater treatment system according to MET technology overcoming other heavyweight candidates to win gold for yourself. We will show some features that will attract a lot of readers’s interest such as:


Wastewater treatment system by mechanical methods, does not need to use electricity, heat to operate the machine, does not need chemicals to deodorize or disinfect.

The system can treat all types of wastewater from industrial zones, hospitals, chemicals, well water sources, rainwater …

The system has a smooth running process, with no minor errors in operation.

The apparatus of the apparatus was replaced very easily.

Do not use quartz sand, or activated carbon in the treatment process.

The service life of the treatment system is up to 20 years.

And especially cheap compared to other treatment systems on the market, but the capacity that the system brings is impossible.

With this award Ican 2017, we will hope to bring a source of clean water, develop a new level of wastewater treatment system, not only in, not only in Vietnam but around the world, especially are underdeveloped and developing countries that do not have a lot of capital to build an expensive water treatment system. With the first criterion of the company is “water is blood is life”, we will be a bridge for us to get closer together, contributing to protecting the environment and the health of the community.

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