In 2012, in the context of increasing demand for clean water, groundwater treatment systems are shortage about the quality and quantity requirements of the people, so WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. TA has designed and successfully used groundwater treatment systems for domestic use.

Among the systems on the market today follow the main filter method. Using filter cartridge systems of different sizes to remove impurities in the water. Using chemicals to balance pH, using materials that have to be replaced periodically, microbiological treatment …, we go in a completely new direction, with outstanding advantages, bringing the core value of clean water with more economical investment and operating cost. MET technology deserves the leading technology in the world!

Following the initial successes, after a series of days of researching, improving and expanding the system, on March 8, 2012, the system has successfully treated clean domestic water with high treatment efficiency and volume of treatment unlimitation, ensuring the quality norms of water source after treatment with state regulations. Especially, through the testing of people, the belief in technology, products and company is more and more deep and solid.

Over a long time, under the tireless efforts of technical staff, TA WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has succeeded in manufacturing industrial wastewater treatment systems, thereby meeting the problems the urgent need for the environment that society and the developing country impose.


As of June 11, 2016 TA WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. directly organized the practical experience of the machine systems that the company had previously installed and obtained positive feedback from users with outstanding advantages:


– The treatment machine completely removes suspended solids and minerals that are not beneficial to humans (such as arsenic, alum, iron …) and keeps beneficial minerals for human health.

– Machines for thoroughly treating gases (such as methane ..) and gases (such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonium, …)

  • There is no filter element compared to the popular water filters in the market.
  • Do not use quartz sand, activated carbon, …
  • Do not use electricity, heat, or chemicals.
  • Materials for manufacturing process machines are available in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Smooth operation, no congestion occurs.
  • Unlimited processing volume (up to hundreds of thousands of blocks).
  • Clean water after treatment to ensure the criteria specified by the state.
  • Simple maintenance and maintenance, less time and effort consuming.
  • The service life of the machine can be up to more than 10 years.


Make MET technology becomes popular all over the world


To revive polluted rivers


Bring user’s satisfaction