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MET Technology won the award in VCIC’s creative start-up competition – Ministry of Science and Technology

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“Women and the future of a green economy” creative start-up contest was held on the evening of June 24 with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and representatives of many ministries, departments. The total prize value is up to 647,000 USD. In this competition, 16 outstanding projects in response to climate change were honored in Vietnam. Water treatment technology MET has surpassed hundreds of representatives to become one of the 16 excellent projects in this competition.

Creative startup contest organized by VCIC – Ministry of Science and Technology

It is known that in this creative start-up competition, the project management board of the Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) Technical Assistance project has received more than 700 creative ideas from many individuals and businesses across the country.

With the consultation of the Independent Evaluation Council and the World Bank, the Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T) excellently selected 16 outstanding projects, promising to bring many benefits to the economy in the future.

With the desire to turn these ideas and projects into reality, the winners will be given the best access to consulting services and business development support from VCIC, including training and consulting, connecting with startup support networks, networks of experts, partners as well as facilities and access to investment.

MET Water Treatment Technology – Award winning project in Creative Start-up Competition

Passing hundreds of projects, TA Water Treatment’s MET water treatment has excelled as one of the 16 outstanding projects this time. High practical applicability, using mechanical energy technology are the highlights of MET water treatment technology. This will be a trend forecasting that is widely applied globally.

Water treatment technology MET – Mechanical Energy Technologies (Mechanical energy technology) is capable of removing impurities and harmful minerals to human’s health such as arsenic, alum, iron … At the same time, keeping the ingredients are good  for human’s health, thoroughly handle some toxic gases including: methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonium …

Safe water filtration technology has been widely applied in the world with the desire to bring the best quality water to the users. However, a limitation in these technologies that until now has not been able to overcome is that they consume a lot of power, cost of using and performance are not maximized.

The creation of MET water treatment technology, studied by TA Water Treatment, completely overcome this problem. This project stands out because it does not consume electricity energy, only uses mechanical energy to treatment the water.

This technology is evaluated by experts that It not only operates stably but also consumes less area, high efficiency in use. A system using MET water treatment technology has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

Looking back on the MET technology journey after 1 year of winning the award

After receiving achieve awarded by VCIC. In July 2019, MET technology was patented to treat wastewater treatment system or domestic water.

TA Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd was recognized as a science and technology enterprise with the certificate of science and technology enterprise in December 2019.

In 1 year, TA Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd has been trusted by many customers within water treatment system with MET technology. The company’s customers include: factory X467 Ministry of Defense, Binh Dinh People’s Printing Company, Nam Dinh Amnesty Industrial Complex which is industrial wastewater, the Sunset resort and many other customers.

TA Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd with MET technology has also been widely reported and appriciated international quality Vietnamese solutions achieves the international quality.

In the next  time with great efforts and achievements. MET technology will develop better and better technology to bring clean water to every user.

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