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 MET technology won the top 4 awards at 2018 Kaohiung International Invention & Design EXPO

4 giai thuong met

Wastewater treatment is one of the hottest issues concerned by state agencies and people. Because domestic water is an indispensable part of everyone’s life. The more society develops, the more growing the urban and industrial zones, the more easily the water source is polluted. These seriously affects the health of many people, especially who use this dirty water. And now everyone can be assured of using clean water with water treatment technology. MET technology has just been honored in the international patent and patent exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2018.

International Patent and Inventory Exhibition in Taiwan 2018

International Patent and Inventory Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2018 organized by the World Intellectual Property Association. More than 1000 scientific patents from all over the world have been concentrated here. Our country treatment technology company has brought a scientific research project, metered wastewater treatment technology, to this exhibition.

Not only Vietnam meet and exchange with more than 40 delegations from many countries around the world, but also learned many other useful knowledge. Unexpectedly, our patented products surpassed countries famous for water treatment technology such as the US, Japan, UK or Canada, and have won 4 consecutive noble titles. This is a huge step forward that is not in our country’s precedent. That is why when people everywhere look for water treatment technology, Vietnam must be mentioned.

The prestigious awards received by met technology

The spirit of the Vietnamese people who are eager to learn and progress, typically Mr. Vu Tien Anh has brought many honor and pride to the whole country of Vietnam. Below are the noble awards that met with water treatment technology has received.

Leading Innovation Award

The Top of ecology and renewable energy

The prize with a high honorable value is a gold medal.

Genius award.

Besides, he also won a gold medal at the final round of the 2017 ican Global Technology Solution Competition in Toronto Canada.


Thanks to the MET technology awards achieved in 2018, Vietnam is even more confident when standing on par with many other developed countries. Not only that, it is really a useful product and brings high economic value to many people. Especially companies and establishments of business and production. Some partners are using this new technology such as Xi Mang Chinfon Company, Ba Ba Sauce Sauce Factory, Binh Minh Wood Company …

The outstanding advantages of MET water treatment technology

In the past, our country had to import or buy foreign water treatment technology, so the cost is always high. Not only that, every replacement or maintenance is more difficult, waiting for a foreign technical team. This is time consuming and costly. With water treatment technology, we will receive many benefits. Here are the two basic benefits that manufacturing facilities want.

Low investment costs

Investment cost is one of the issues that many manufacturers are most concerned about when having to invest in an additional system. Since many years ago, many businesses were afraid to invest in wastewater treatment systems, because the cost is extremely high.

The way to clean water sources applied by MET technology is to never use filter elements, do not use: chemicals, activated carbon, quartz sand, and do not use electricity. The treated water source meets the prescribed standards. Costs to invest and operate are always at the most reasonable level. Therefore, right after receiving the noble awards, more and more businesses will come to use it.

High economic efficiency

Usually, the wastewater treatment systems that people use often have to go through many stages, constantly changing many materials inside. Specifically, using chemicals to balance the pH, using many chemicals to microbiological treatment of water sources, and many other methods to remove impurities … This makes many customers have to pay extra costs each time check the system periodically.


MET water treatment technology has applied completely new methods, does not use any additional materials but still ensure water quality. Thanks to that, the water source for everyone’s daily life is always clean, safe for health to use.

Water treatment technology deserves the pride of the Vietnamese people. From now on, every need to clean the water source, we do not need to look anywhere far, just use the water purification system of metering technology. Even the friends of many neighboring countries have to use new technology products famous around the world from Vietnam.

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