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MET wastewater treatment technology system won the international gold award at the 2018 Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo competition

Once again, TA Water Treatment Co., Ltd with Met Technology has been honored in the international arena in the Japan Design & Exhibition Fair 2018. With more than 500 products are presented and displayed all countries around the world. Ideas and products will be assessed and appraised by domestic and foreign customers. Experts are scientists in famous universities in Japan appraise and give the final results.

2018 Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo Event

2018 Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo is an annual event held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center, Japan (Japan’s largest convention center in Tokyo). This year, this event takes place from August 3 to August 5. With the participation of all countries in the world and more than 100 universities such as Tokyo University, Chiba University, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo Agricultural University, Tokai University and Musashino Academia Musicae will participated in the 2018 Japan Design & Innovation Fair.

This is a contest of ideas and ideas to exchange among students is the most important purpose for the fair. So the participants are mainly students, all other professions are allowed to participate. The entries are not just inventions or designs, but also art, technology or performance …

This year, TA wastewater treatment company, Vietnam participated in the competition with the product of water treatment technology – MET Represented by Mr. Vu Tien Anh, the founder and director of the company. With the spirit of exchanging and learning the good things and creations of other countries and want to be truly accredited by leading international experts on MET technology. He and the whole company confidently registered to participate in this international stature competition.

MET technology has been honored in the international arena

After 3 days of exhibiting, introducing the technology to friends all over the world add to serious working of scientists. Tokyo Big Sign announced the results of the competition with the thrill of thousands of participating groups.

And the MET technology team’s hard work has paid off after the hard working days. The name of Met wastewater treatment technology has been voiced in the admiration of hundreds of teams. With applause and applause for Met technology. Technology has received 2 extremely prestigious awards from the appraisal panel.

The international gold award certifies the technology of the environment worldwide

A silver medal for creative design ideas worldwide

Once again, MET technology has conquered scientists and consumers around the world. And affirms that the ideas and purposes of the technology are completely correct with the safety criteria of the environment and water resources of the world today.

This is a turning point marking the true success of Met technology. After the event, many investors, companies, factories from many countries came to order and wanted to learn about Met technology.

This is a private pride for the MET research and development team, and also a common pride for the Vietnamese people. Congratulations to Mr. Vu Tien Anh and the entire TA wastewater treatment company!

Looking back on the outstanding advantages of MET technology

MET technology is a wastewater treatment technology that uses mechanical energy to operate. With outstanding advantages compared to other technologies:

– There is no filter element compared to the popular water filters in the market.

– Do not use activated carbon, quartz sand.

– Do not use electricity, heat, chemicals, …

– The raw materials for the machine building are completely available domestically.

– The operation is simple, smooth, and no clogging occurs.

– There is no limit to the volume of treated water.

– The treated water is above Vietnamese and international standards.

– Simple maintenance and maintenance, less time consuming and labor consuming.

– Machine life is very durable over 20 years.

The goal is always bringing clean water for daily life and production, MET waste water treatment always works hard for a “clean water – clean air – clean landscape” environment.

Some MET wastewater treatment photos join the event of.

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