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Scientific and technological research institute: MET treats wastewater at no operating cost

cong nghe met hien dai

When water enters the machine, water at full speed flows through the free vapor valve, through many predefined beams, separating the separate beam causing oxygen to fluctuate, the mixture is circulated backwards by the pressure in the machine to push the heavy components. more than water and solid out, the sand material is rapidly oxidized to create a film.

The remainder of the water falls freely in the machine, but it is still enough for continuous operation, the fast or slow output will create a membrane, layer after layer to create a natural filter due to impurities formed.

The whole machine does not work in the flowing of water, but in the form of ionic molecules, which are the form of water dust that operates in an anaerobic environment without oxygen.

With polluted water sources, the system will combine the use of a mixture of substances including salt, lime, vinegar and glass water, which are good for human health. This mixture is mixed in a certain ratio suitable to the level of pollution of each water source to treat microbiological components, bacteria and suspended solids in the water.

Outstanding advantages of MET:

– Do not use filter cartridge

– Not limited by the amount of water to be treated

– Do not use quartz sand, activated carbon …

– Do not use electricity, heat, chemicals …

– Treating all water sources, including polluted ones

– Materials are available domestically

– Clean water after treatment meets the state standards

– The process is smooth, no clogging

– Maintenance and maintenance process is simple and inexpensive

– Save maintenance and maintenance costs, long service life: up to 50 years

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